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  • Best paper protectors on the EUopien market

    We are create our products with big care and attention according quality.
    Customers appreciate our quality over several decades both at home and abroad.

    How we made?

    We prepared movie to show you, how we are working.
    You will recognize our team which is responsable for best quality product and service creation.

    Discover the Power of our products

    Our Company from around 20 years have lot of experiences to protect your products.
    We specialice to production and delivery of products which help you thinking about safe future for your products transporting around the world.

    We want to give you reason to have 100 % of certainty that you product will look same at final customer like on your warehouse.


    Do you need paper corners( Protectors) with you logo and details?

    OK. We can do it! First and only one Polish producer on-line! Even 3 colours printing on-line. You don’t waste a time ! Wrote to us.

    Send an e-mail:

    +48 89 679 05 88
    +48 89 534 57 47
    +48 606 822 645

    We hope to meet the highest expectations of our clients.

    Our point of view

    For all our customers we are offer best quality production and services.
    Our high qualify employes will help you with any questions you have and will fix all you packaging problems.

    Chairman of the Board